Cyphron is beeing released! <3


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IGN: VvV_Overkill
by VvV_Overkill » 5 months ago

IGN: VvV_Overkill

Age: 19

Server: Factions

Get ahold of me: my email is [email protected]

country: US Central Timezone

No recording Software but I can download if I need to

I have a good headset

How could I benefit. I would help you do what you needed done to the server, and I wouldn't let anyone grief or abuse perms. I would help people with what they needed, and if someone needed help with ranks of perms i would contact you before making any decisions. I could help you with alot on the server. If you need help with perms, ranks, and plugins I would do whatever you need.

Staff experience. I own a server right now, and i have owned a few server before. I have been staff Admin on alot of servers and I have never abused my perms or caused any problems. I am familiar with all the rules and what you should expect from a staff member.

Muted or banned on a server, I have been muted on a server because I purchased a rank and the Owner later restarted the server and changed the ranks, and he said I had to re purchase. I wasn't to happy about that because I basically wasted my money. 

Hours to the server. I work from 6-2 so after 2 I could be online, and keeping a eye over everything or doing whatever you need.

Staff on any other server. I am just staff on my own server right now. I just now started to get back into minecraft again because I was doing alot of traveling, and i didn't have time to play but now I am back.

Why should i be staff, and what makes me different. I actually know what I am doing and I wouldn't mess anything up for you. I am not like people who join and try to advertise or get staff and try to ruin everything they can. I know that feeling and I wouldn't do that to anyone. I am here to help not mess anything up. I know your probably thinking I might try to advertise my server but that is completely wrong. I have alot more respect then that, and I just seen your server on a youtube video and figured I would try to help. I am familiar with all the perms and I can do my best to help you if you aren't sure about any plugins or any problems. If you want to link servers or something we can talk all that out and figure something out. I am fine with whatever and it looks like you have done a pretty good job getting your server together. You have my email so if you need to get ahold of me you can just send a email. I will be watching the forums to see if you accept this so you could also message me on here, and I will reply back as soon as i see it. You have a good day!


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IGN: Rechanted
by Rechanted » 5 months ago

This application is DENIED for the following reasons;
  • You need to paste the template completely. You can abbreviate the questions into your own words. 
  • Need a tad bit more experience on the server. Please play a tad longer before applying. 

You may apply again in TWO DAYS. Thanks! 

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