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IGN: Dartanman
by Dartanman » 5 months ago

What's your IGN?:  Dartanman

IGN of offender?: PainZ

What time did this incident happen?: Approximately 10:00pm CST.

What did the player do wrong?: (S)he abused a glitch which involved shooting me with arrows through blocks.

Evidence of the incident:

Extra comments: I feel that the incident was dealt with unfairly by an Admin (sorry Rechanted). He told me that because my hitbox goes outside the blocks, it somehow isn't exploiting a glitch. This is simply not the case: Just because it's a Vanilla glitch doesn't mean it isn't a glitch, and PainZ was abusing that glitch to hit me. Just because Rechanted likes PainZ (perhaps IRL or just because he's Legend?) or because he doesn't like the circumstances should not give him an excuse to ignore the facts: PainZ abused a Vanilla glitch to keep me engaged in combat. I would prefer if SuchSvett reviewed this report, or at least ensure that he sees it.

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IGN: Rechanted
by Rechanted » 5 months ago


This is not exploiting. I don't even need to waste SuchSvett's time in showing him this. He is not shooting through the block, he is hitting your hitbox thus it looks like he is shooting you through the wall. You need to back up against the wall so he can't hit your hitbox. Go on any server and they won't have this patched. You can't patch the size of someone's hitbox. This would be accepted if he increased the size of your hitbox by using hacks, that or if he was actually shooting through the blocks, however, this depiction shows that he is only hitting your hitbox. It is a vanilla issue that will never be fixed. 

Thanks for your report.