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I am currently not home will be back in 6 hours I will send you all my work. smiley
​​​​​​Could you add me on discord Zecto#8866 

What's your IGN?:

What's your age?:

What server do you want staff on? (Skyblock/Factions):
Possibly both but I think I could help out more in factions due to my experience.

How can we get a hold of you?: 
You can contact me through discord or gmail. My discord tag is Zecto#8866 and my gmail is [email protected]

What country do you reside in? (Timezone/Country): 
United States GMT -5.

Do you have a recording software?: 
Yes I do I use OBS

Do you have a microphone/headset?:
I do have a microphone and headset but they are not the best.

If you became this rank, how would you benefit the server?:
If I become staff on here I will benefit the server in by putting a lot of time and effort into the server and give players a better experience on your server. I am very dedicated to this job and will try to be on everyday.

Do you have any staff experience?: 
Yes, I have had experience as staff on many servers but they where not that big. I owned my own server with an average of 10 players but then it died out and I shut it down. 

Have you been muted, or banned before?: 
No, I have not on this server but I was banned on a diffrent server for breaking the rules.

How many hours can you give to the server? (Weekly): 
I can put in 13-14 hours a week.

Are you currently staff on any other server?:
I am not staff on any other servers that is why I am planning to dedicate all my time into this server.

Why should we pick you as staff? What makes you different from other applicants?: 
I think you should pick me for staff because I have been proggraming for 2 years now in Java and C#. I am diffrent from everyone else because I try to think outside of the box and try to work to the best of my potential.

Information about yourself: 
My name is Haider I am 14 years old who loves proggraming and developing video games in Unity and Unreal Engine 4 I know 2 diffrent languages.

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