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thats not the info you were suppose to give about your self though lol also server is almost dead gonna shutdown soon and i dont think Flipflopping will even read this since he hasnt read the 10 day  age appeals 

Banned For Alts 6 months ago

What's your IGN?: FrostyPvpX

What time/day did this incident happen? Over a month ago

Which staff member banned/muted you? Suchsvett/Console

No Evidence 

Extra comments: I was banned for too many alts like most of everyone that is banned on here. The server is really dying and this is mainly the reason . My Reason is when you hack you get banned for 30d while more than 3 alts = perm ip ban. Also you could have got an ip limiter or banned my alts.The reason why i had many alts is because i never knew this rule till i had registered over 10 alts and i tried to go on the discord to tell an staff to remove them but i got banned from suchsvett because i told him to actually fix the bugs and listen to the 3 player community .Therefore i have nothing else to say other then unban me because i really enjoyed this and many others did too but were banned or quit because of the bugs.Hope you consider this.

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