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What's your IGN?: 
What's your age?:
How can we get a hold of you?: 
Discord (HarryIsWizard#3579), email (ask me lol), steam (76561198202097256) and teamspeak I guess? Don't really use it but can lol.
What country do you reside in? (Timezone/Country): 
GMT, England (GMT+1 in summer)
Do you have a recording software?: 
Yeah, bandicam premium for life.
Do you have a microphone/headset?:
If you became this rank, how would you benefit the server?:
I can do a fair amount, owning a server myself about a year ago and knowing most stuff there is to do with moderating a server, doubt much back-end development needs help because the server is pretty solid on that regard.
Do you have any staff experience?: 
Playing minecraft for 8 years, with one 6 month break just recently broken a few days ago, I have experience in multiple parts of minecraft though I can say for sure that I forgot everything I knew about PEX and Java, so don't rely on me in that regard, other than that, flawless I would say.
Have you been muted, or banned before?: 
How many hours can you give to the server? (Weekly): 
Server is fun so I will be putting in a lot more than I already have, miss factions a lot so can say I will likely be playing 2-4 hours each day dependent on mood, can put in more if needed when actually staffing, I am reliable for helping out in dire situations or just whenever necesary as I am never actually "busy" anymore.
Are you currently staff on any other server?:

Why should we pick you as staff? What makes you different from other applicants?: 
My experience, and thats probably it though if you want a trust-worthy guy who knows the ropes to maintaining a successful server.
Information about yourself: 
Overall funny person that can be serious when needed, not mentally unstable I promise.

Have a great day/night and hope this application wasn't too boring for yall. Cya.

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