SuchSvett does no longer own the domain Thank you guys for the amazing time we had <3 the discord will still be owned by me. <3

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Staff Application 4 months ago
What's your IGN?: LaLaLoppie

What's your age?: 13

How can we get a hold of you?: Discord

What country do you reside in? (Timezone/Country): England

Do you have a recording software?: Yes, its OBS Studio

Do you have a microphone/headset?: yes

If you became this rank, how would you benefit the server?: There is many way's i can, Firstly i can manage with plugins and players here are some examples of what plugins im good at: PermissionsEx, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, Essentials, Ext, Ext i have been co-owner on 2 servers and really helped with building to im gonna rate myself 5/10, Also i can guide new players of what they have to do.

Do you have any staff experience?: Yes, as i told you in the previeous question i have been co-owner on 2 servers.

Have you been muted, or banned before?: on hypixel i got false banned you know it has a bad anticheat lol.

How many hours can you give to the server? (Weekly): probably 4 hours a day so per week it would be 28 hours a week

Are you currently staff on any other server?: yes, but i like this server better, so i think i will resign from that and go to InsanePVP

Why should we pick you as staff? What makes you different from other applicants?: because i had alot of experience of plugins and abit for building and telling players what to do nicely.

Information about yourself: i like football and gaming.

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