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PartyEye2 Application 3 months ago

What's your IGN?: PartyEye2

What's your age?: 14

What server do you want staff on? (Skyblock/Factions): Factions

How can we get a hold of you?: Discord (MaxTheDog180#8398)

What country do you reside in? (Timezone/Country): Engalnd BST

Do you have a recording software?: Yes i do, with good quality.

Do you have a microphone/headset?: I have a microphone.

If you became this rank, how would you benefit the server?: Well i can help the server with all my effort and passion of being a staff member, i will put time into things and i will never rush, i help new players, and members that have any questuions that i could answer, any hackers or rule-breakers will be punished, this helps out the server giving new players or members a better expirence.

Do you have any staff experience?: I belive so i have been staff on slightly smaller servers/network it was a fun time, however i was Moderatior few times and Helper, as i am applying for helper i suggest talking about my expirence as one. I was Helper on few skyblock and faction server one was called DragonMC i can't really remember the ip either if this was the right server, but i remember me punishing rule-breakers for the right reason, i soon turned Jr.Mod however i liked being a Helper more as i did have more expirence so i politely asked the Community-Managers if i could be Head-Helper although this was a slight demotion although i asked for it still this day i am thankful to have been Head-Helper as i was known for Best Helper, my main job was to see if Helpers were doing the right jobs, also help people and manage groups weekly of what they needed to do.

Have you been muted, or banned before?: I haven't been punished on this server but nethier have i been muted before, yes i have been banned on few other servers for hacking although i did know the rules and i just wanted to happen to have some fun, although i regret doing it because i did put alot of drama into the staff when i was hacking making it uneasy to get unbanned from those servers.

How many hours can you give to the server? (Weekly): Weekly: Mon: 5H+  Tue: 5H+  Wed: 5H+  Thu:5H+  Fri: 5H+ Sat & Sun: 7H+

Are you currently staff on any other server?: Yes i am currently on a few servers although i am think resigning on as they don't have a good management team. 

Why should we pick you as staff? What makes you different from other applicants?: All the effort goes to the team and players, i want the best for the server and the management, i take care and don't like rushing, i always take my time and i have good skills, such as Communication Skills.

Information about yourself: I like to help, as you may know i dont like rushing, i do my best, i put effort into things, i have a little bit of OCD, currently i am death in my right ear,

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