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In Game Name: Woodishi
Timezone: EST
How active are you(hours a day)?: i can be on for up to 5 hours
Why do you want to join Jager: Ive been looking for a faction to join and I want to be at the top 
Have you played factions alot? If so, what servers?: some what on Outlaw and i was a f topper
What skills do you bring to Submit?: I can help raid and build bases and ger resources and needed stuff.
Do you have Discord?(mic):yes and a mic
How do you rank yourself in terms of PVP skills?: 1-10 a decent 6
How do you rank yourself in terms of Cannoning (What cannons do you build?): I can build all if needed (just look them up)
How committed will you be to general base work?: 20/10
List any previous factions and the reason you are no longer a part of said facation no

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