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Staff Application #2 5 months ago
Not that its my buissness but you are too young for discord.

Helper Application 5 months ago
This could use more detail.

Not enough Detail.


In Game Name:_weegeepie_    
Timezone:Eastern Central Time
How active are you(hours a day)?:5-6 hours a day 
Why do you want to join HawkNest:So I can help out with the faction being the top
Have you played factions alot? If so, what servers?:Yes I play Ostia Network,opcraft
What skills do you bring to Submit?:I am kind of good at pvping and kind of good at farming
Do you have Discord?(mic):Yes
How do you rank yourself in terms of PVP skills?:7/10
How do you rank yourself in terms of Cannoning (What cannons do you build?):I Don't know how to build good cannons only the regular one
How committed will you be to general base work?:Very committed
List any previous factions and the reason you are no longer a part of said faction:TruReligon I was kicked for not grinding even though it was a pvp faction.
You're too young for discord bud.

Staff Application 6 months ago
Could use more detail. 

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