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gtcrafters appeal 6 months ago
What's your IGN?: gtcrafter

What time/day did this incident happen?: 10Pm wednesday may first

Which staff member banned/muted you?: Consle

Visual Evidence :  none 

Extra comments: Was banned for to manny alts,  I have been playing the server before they had changed the rool on alts and it was my fault for not looking at the new rules for this season. I am kindly asking for my appeal to be put through but if not I understand and may not be happy with it but will not fight it. so please forgive my mistake this time I will make sure this dosent happen again.


Gtcrafter's Staff app 8 months ago
Whats your IGN?: gtcrafter
Age?: 17
How can u get a hold of me?: snap disc skype    
Ware do i live?: Canada Mountin time    
Recording system?: OBS
Do i have a mic/Headset: yes I have a gaming head set
If i become this rank how can i benifit the server?: i play factions alot so i will be on quite often and i will be either helping the players and or inspecting them if under suspition
Do i have staff exp: yes i do i was staff on old server called Armonic PVP in which i was a mod
Weekly hours: i can give upwards of 25 hours a week
Staff on any other server RN?: I am not curently staff on any other server
Why I should be picked for staff: I think i have a prety good exp advantage on most of the other aplicants With my exp i am well versed with plugins and over all helping the server. since i do enjoy and am pretty good at factions i think i would be able to suspisions game play extreamly quickly and when i do i also know how to handle it.
info?: i play hockey and foot ball have been playing factions for about 5 years i am an honors student and am a pretty nice and respectfull person if i do say so my self.

sorry for gramar errors of any kind and i am also sorry about the foramt as it would not let me coppy paste I i have the questions in the same order but i have them summed up. very sorry for that.


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